Spring Racing


The Gentleman’s guide to this year’s trackside look

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Giddy up, gentleman. Racing is back and here with a bang! Now it’s important to remember, trackside fashion isn’t all about the ladies. It is also very much about the men and their suits – remember to dress to impress. So set your corporate suit aside this racing carnival, and step out in something a little more fashion-forward.

Shine Bright

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Because whether you’re aware of it or not, colour has an effect on your psyche. Enter ‘Dopamine Dressing’. Dopamine Dressing is the practice of wearing bright colours in an extroverted style in order to lift one’s spirits. In short, it’s about dressing yourself happy.

Outerwear Decoded

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As the season begins to turn a cold shoulder in Brisbane, outerwear takes on an essential role in your wardrobe. There’s no other garment that does quite as much to transform a look as a coat or a jacket does – it is the part of a man’s wardrobe that insists on offering up the best versatility.

Giddy up! It’s Spring Racing Season

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Spring has sprung, and that has me excited for one thing… the Spring racing season in Queensland! It’s that time of the year that we can pop the bubbles, throw a fantastic outfit on and indulge in excitement as we sit trackside for some of the most exciting events our nation has to offer.


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