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Your ultimate fashion forecast for 2024

From bold hues to playful silhouettes, this is what you need to stay ahead of the curve in 2024!

Fashion mavens, it’s time to unleash your inner style icon and dive headfirst into the mesmerising world of 2024 runway trends! As the seasons shift, so does the landscape of fashion, and this year’s offerings are nothing short of spectacular. From bold hues to playful silhouettes, the runways have spoken, and Wintergarden is your gateway to staying ahead of the curve.

A Pop of Red:

Picture this: you’re strutting down the street, and heads are turning left and right. What’s your secret weapon? A pop of red, of course! The runways were dripping with scarlet hues this season, from fiery red dresses to bold statement coats. Incorporate this vibrant colour into your wardrobe with confidence – whether it’s a killer pair of red heels, a chic red bag, or a daring red lip, this trend is all about making a statement.

Pictured: Margot tiny bucket bag, Oroton; Sleeveless cable-knit top, Block heel faux patent finish shoes, Zara; Poplin short sarong skirt, Oroton


The Girlcore trend for 2024 celebrates nostalgia, femininity, and bold individualism, inspired by pop culture icons like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Want to know how to effortlessly incorporate this trend into your wardrobe? Embrace mixed shapes and silhouettes, experiment with whimsical prints like florals and polka dots, and indulge in a dreamy colour palette of pastel pink, lavender, baby blue, and buttery yellow. Add playful accessories such as oversized bows, statement Mary Jane shoes, and colourful earrings to exude girlcore charm. Integrate vintage-inspired pieces like ruffled blouses and retro handbags for a timeless feel, and balance delicate details with confident femininity. Remember, girlcore is about celebrating individuality and expressing yourself authentically through fashion.

Pictured: Diamond-quilted shoulder bag, COS; Twist front crop, Flora drop earring, Seed Heritage; Love story mini dress, Sheike; Flat sandals with bow, Zara

Non-Basic Basics:

Reimagine your basics and embrace a new era of non-basic essentials that elevate your everyday attire. This year, discover the charm of unique details – from uneven cuts to simplified shapes and interesting textures. Add a touch of fascination to your everyday clothing essentials. Tailored blazers with avant-garde twists and trousers adorned with embellishments redefine conventional norms, offering fresh perspectives on timeless pieces. These non-basic basics seamlessly integrate into your daily wardrobe, ensuring you never tire of their charm. From jeans and T-shirts to blouses, footwear, and totes, the possibilities are endless. Delve into the closets of fashion editors and bloggers, where tried-and-true classics like crisp Oxford shirts and sleek black blazers coexist with vibrant fluffy keychains and oversized trousers, injecting personality and panache into every ensemble. It’s these standout pieces that truly elevate your style, sparking curiosity and admiration with every wear.


Pictured: Oversized bow-detail blouse, COS; ZW long skirt, Zara; Point collar shirt, Cue; Tailored waistcoat bustier, COS

Heart-Shaped Accessories:

On the runways and streets alike, heart-shaped accessories have captured the spotlight this season, infusing outfits with delightful and playful charm. From heart-shaped sunglasses to handbags adorned with hearts, these endearing accents add a touch of romance to any ensemble. Whether you’re brunching with friends or painting the town red for a night out, heart-shaped accessories are sure to capture attention and steal hearts wherever you wander. In 2024, romantic fashion takes on a more literal form, and while some may perceive it as bordering on kitsch, the consensus among Instagram influencers, style bloggers, and designer runways is clear: this trend is more than just acceptable—it’s a statement worth embracing.

Pictured: Heart cord necklace, Zara; Convertible heart drop earrings, Heart signet ring, COS; Heartbeat bag, Sheike

So, there you have it – four fabulous fashion trends to rock your world this year! Whether you’re a bold trendsetter or a classic chic, there’s something for everyone in this season’s hottest styles. So, why wait? Head to Wintergarden and shop the latest looks to upgrade your wardrobe and slay the style game like never before. Remember, fashion is all about self-expression, so don’t be afraid to experiment, take risks, and most importantly, have fun!