The Art of Layering: Make those summer outfits last longer

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The Art Of Layering

Tips and tricks on layering. 

It’s time to find creative ways to extend the life of your beloved summer wardrobe.


As the warm days of summer fade away and we welcome the arrival of our fresh winter, it’s time to find creative ways to extend the life of your beloved summer wardrobe. Queensland’s milder winter temperatures allow for versatile styling options, where layering becomes vital to adapting your summer pieces for the cooler season. 

It can be challenging to know what to integrate between both wardrobes. Wintergarden stylist, Christie Serhan, helps explore two fashion-forward outfit ideas incorporating winter layers, ensuring you can enjoy your summer clothes without compromising comfort or style. 

For those wanting to extend the lifespan of their favourite summer skirt, this one’s for you.

First, start with your summer skirt of choice and pair it with a lightweight contrasting jumper that adds warmth without overwhelming the outfit. Opt for a colour that complements the skirt and brings a cosy vibe to the ensemble. Next, add a trench or duster coat to provide an extra layer of insulation while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look. To complete the outfit, opt for a closed-in loafer (and the textural suede bag) to seamlessly transition your summer pieces to the colder climate. This Seed Heritage outfit is easy and comfortable and effortlessly ensures that your capsule wardrobe remains timeless and transeasonal. 

Pictured: Full look available at Seed Heritage

When transitioning a summer blouse into winter, layering becomes your best friend. Begin by wearing a hidden singlet underneath the blouse. This practical addition will keep you warm while maintaining the breezy aesthetic of the summer top. Pair the R.M. Williams blouse with a stylish denim skirt that adds a touch of casual charm. Should the temperatures drop, pop a wool jumper around your shoulders. To combat the winter breeze, pair ankle boots with some thick socks to add a trendy touch to the outfit. Tied together with an on-trend bucket bag and essential seasonal boots by  R.M. Williams.

Pictured: Full look available at R.M. Williams

There’s no need to bid farewell to your beloved summer wardrobe yet. By embracing the art of layering, you can continue to wear your favourite summer pieces with style and ease. With these ingenious layering techniques, you can confidently navigate the changing seasons, celebrating your wardrobe’s versatility while staying cushy in the mild Queensland winter. 

Feeling the cold and need some inspiration on how to wear leather this year? Read more here!

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