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The new Dinosaur Designs collection

Dinosaur Designs is back with a fresh and invigorating collection called ‘Welcome to Paradise.’

This collection celebrates the beauty of tropical landscapes, featuring vibrant colours, organic shapes, and botanical motifs. Let’s dive into the world of Dinosaur Designs’ latest collection.

‘Welcome to Paradise’ is a vibrant celebration of the warmth and vitality found in tropical paradises. This collection transports you to a tranquil landscape that epitomises the essence of summer.

Homewares: Functional Art

The homewares in the Paradise collection are a fusion of functional design and artistic expression. Frangipane-inspired bowls and bold bud-shaped vases adorned with intricate botanical motifs effortlessly blend into your living space, bringing a tropical vibe to your home.

Jewellery: Nature’s Elegance

The Paradise jewellery collection celebrates the beauty of nature with floral-inspired designs and lively colours. The Paradise Daisy and Leaf styles take centre stage, offering a touch of natural elegance that you can wear. These pieces are more than accessories; they’re wearable works of art.

The LO Collections: Personalised Paradise

Designer Louise Olsen adds a personal touch to the ‘Welcome to Paradise’ collection. With the LO Collections, the essence of Paradise is translated into solid brass jewellery and home objects. This segment allows you to infuse your personal space with the magic of Paradise.

Inspiration: The Beauty of the Tropics

‘Welcome to Paradise’ draws inspiration from the lush beauty of tropical landscapes. The vibrant hues and floral motifs pay homage to the warmth and vitality found in these paradises. By incorporating a piece of Paradise into your life, Dinosaur Designs’ latest collection encapsulates the spirit of a tranquil tropical escape.

Paradise is ready for you to shop in-store now at Dinosaur Designs!