Winter Weekender

Backing off from a successfully well-dressed week, it’s time to swap corporate suits for something comfortably athletic.

Spend the chilly mornings donning the likes of Lululemon Surge shorts, matched with the silver Surge hoodie. Both pieces are designed to maximise warmth while minimising bulk in order to maintain that sleek silhouette. This season we are keeping active wear tonal and forcing the fluoro gear of yesteryear to the back of our minds, and our Instagram feeds.

Post-workout, make a move towards something more refined and cocktail-ready with the perfect casual look. Chunky knits will never die, though these days we’re reaching towards finer merino and cashmere sweaters. If it’s the sort of thing you’ll wear under a jacket, then don’t be afraid to go for a brighter yellow or red, for a bold but wearable contrast. If you’re thinking it’s not going to be a knit for the office, then opt for a more rounded colour such as camel, green or deep red. Each of these colours creates a perfect outfit when paired with selvedge denim, like that of Rodd and Gunn’s Mapleton jean. A colourful checked shirt is the final touch to complete this winter weekender look.

Stepping out of the paved city can sometimes leave a wanderer in less-than forgiving terrain underfoot. The likes of dust and mud beckon for sturdier footwear than our beloved loafers and brogues. And so, we wiggle into robust boots., which R.M. Williams have nailed with their quintessential Craftsman boot. However, their collection breaks the classic “bushie” mould with plenty of more refined options that still show elements of country shining through. Try a tan Chinchilla boot, or a lace-up Kardinya boot to express your style a little beyond the norm.