Ever wondered what you need to nail a minimalist wardrobe, how to and why?

Despite the eye-catching prints flooding in from Paris Fashion Week, it is safe to stay that minimalist style is also having a moment on and more importantly, off, the runway.

I like to think of minimalist dressing as going classic; it helps state the nitty-gritty of the style we all know and love but struggle to adopt. All-in-all it is an unfussy, sleek, understated and clean way of dressing with fashion staples that translates into any day or any occasion with precision. It is all about living simply with quality essentials that have the staying power a frivolous or fancy item does not.

When shopping, you need not get distracted, focus on clean silhouettes, simple lines and shapes that are unique, the structure is the aspect I suggest you use to portray your personality. If you are a boho baby, go with a loose silhouette and fall in love with soft fabrics, if you are more inclined to a new stature stick to harder materials with details such as pleating, sheering and textures that will hold a strength.

The chances are, that when you hear the m-word, the first colours that come to mind are black and white. That’s where I say, incorporate pops of colour as they have a significant effect on an essential tonal wardrobe, it’s the drama and the talking point while still staying true to the aesthetic! The colour aspect will give you new ways to wear your basics each day, and they take on the fundamental illusion of the style canvas when getting dressed.

Pairing down your wardrobe and creating a casual one filled with things you love and always will is an efficient form of dressing for your headspace. You can either avoided statement accessories, and put simplicity first, or throw that rule out the window and go chunky.

Gone are the days when a pocket’s only purpose was to house everyday essentials: today, its sartorial status is on the rise, indicated by its use in even the most impractical of places. As much as having key timeless pieces on rotation moments in the construction of the garments will give you an edge and a satisfactory uniqueness too.

If you need to find your why, for one, it makes getting dressed in the morning more convenient and less time consuming, while still providing an incredibly chic daily look.

Shop the minimalist way at COS, Wintergarden.

Christie Sutherland has quickly become renowned as one of Queensland’s fashion authorities. Hailing from South Africa, Christie started her career at Bauer Magazines and her eye for detail and hard work quickly saw her ascend to becoming the youngest ever Editor of Style Magazines. Presiding over innumerable photo shoots with international brands, photographers and models has lead Christie into an exciting new phase of her career a freelance professional, becoming fashion ambassador for Treasury Brisbane through to styling Ralph Lauren’s national season launches to name a few. Always the consummate professional Christie is at home hosting events, styling shoots and producing cutting edge content.