The Dinner Party

When the work week winds down and with the weekend in sight, it’s time to revisit your wardrobe before making your way to this evening’s dinner party. Grab your dinner jacket, top it off with a bow tie and get ready to step out in your best shoes.

Your dinner jacket is where the statement is made this season. Through summer we generally see a stark contrast of bright coats paired with cream or bone chinos for an effortlessly casual look. However, this season it’s essential to keep the trousers tonal so that they marry well with your bolder jacket, and then let the accessories elevate your look.

An alternative to the checked dinner jacket is the velvet coat. A menswear staple that has never truly fallen out of fashion, the velvet sports coat has been gaining momentum once again, particularly on the red carpet (Ryan Gosling is the master of the velvet suit). Its richness is unlike any other fabric, and we recommend you experiment with a midnight purple, deep navy, wine red, or forest green to see the velvet jacket at its finest. Velvet dances in the bright light of evening events, making it the perfect dinner garment.

Once again, formal accessories are seeping into this season’s cocktail party looks, and ties and bows are being worn with increasing frequency. Ensure a tight knot when tying your tie, and watch as that dimple adds another dimension to your outfit. One step further leads us to the bow tie [pictured]. Arguably the epitome of gentlemanly dapperness, the bow tie is a stunning addition to any dinner outfit and we guarantee you’ll be complimented for your daring.

Finish off the outfit with a beautiful pair of oxblood loafers. Aquila’s Anton loafer boarders on black tie but mixes things up with a horse-bit buckle and sleek fit. Keep your ankles cosy with a subtly patterned herringbone sock in tonal colours. This sock and loafer look has come back from the ’60s and ’70s in a huge way and keeps you a woollen step ahead of all the guys still going sockless in the winter.