The Closet Cleanse

There are plenty of self-help books floating around proclaiming the benefits of feng-shuing your home. People applaud the ‘art of tidying’ and clearing your surroundings of negative energy is all the rage. However, there’s one particular area of your home that could be causing you more bad juju than you know – especially because you probably glare at said area in frustration at least once a day. I’m talking about your wardrobe of course.

How many mornings do you begin the day in a good mood, only to be brought crashing down because you’ve got an overflowing wardrobe, but nothing to wear? Let’s be honest – you probably DO have something to wear but how are you supposed to find it amongst the jeans that don’t fit anymore and the Year 11 formal dress you can’t bring yourself to throw out?

We suggest a wardrobe cleanse – an exorcism of sorts, saying goodbye to the old and clearing room for the new. If you’re super organized, each season you can prepare for the cleanse in advance, by turning your coat hangers around the wrong way. Each time you wear something, place it back in the wardrobe on a coat hanger the right way around. Over the course of the season this will help to distinguish the things you do wear, from the things you don’t. If you haven’t worn something within the season it’s time to say sayonara. Be ruthless.

Trying on items from your wardrobe is a must when cleansing. Ask yourself – does this fit? What else do I own that I can wear with this? Do I feel comfortable enough to wear this? There’s no point holding onto things that won’t be worn, so divide your clothing into piles – KEEP, THROW and DONATE. Once you’ve completed your wardrobe cleanse, you can move onto the next stage of treatment – a little something we like to call ‘retail therapy’. You’re gonna need something to fill all those empty coat-hangers afterall!