The word romance used to be synonymous with frivolity, femininity and whimsy. Today, it doesn’t need to be strong, powerful or particular. Far from power suits, romantic silhouettes are on the rise again, inspiring a softer strength that offers a different kind of shield.

Among the trends, pink remains a key feminine ingredient in your wardrobes. This season it’s imagined in light, powdery shades, propelling dusty pink to the top of our fashion wish lists. Plus, a season rarely goes by without the ’70s influencing what we wear.

Our notions of power dressing are changing, and so rises the modern romantic dressing.


As we all say, florals are hardly ground-breaking, but the latest iteration feels fresh – the vintage-inspired look. It shares a wave of nostalgia with us that can be incorporated into modern garments. If you are a beginner to retro florals, then be sure to wear them with timelessly simple clothes and if you’re not, double down on a two-piece set that is easy to mould into your wardrobe basics. Turn retro florals into modern yet straightforward looks. Instead of classically romantic florals, this print is a bit punchy you can’t help but notice the look.

Wearing: Nightingale Top $69.95, Nightingale pant $129.95, Maldives Sunglasses $49.95; Sheike.


 There’s no denying that skin is in and that holes are the new polka-dots! There’s something sexy about artfully placed windows onto the skin. Modern cut-outs are clean enough to appeal to the most refined and demure dresser. Whether they’re placed squarely on the neckline, the waist or the hip – less is more. The bonus to this unexpected style is that it virtually requires no additional accessorizing. Let the absence of fabric do all the talking!

Wearing: Ariana Maxi Dress $179.95, Illusion Bag $59.95; Sheike.

As the definition of femininity has evolved so had the fashion we use to express it. Today, its a moment in which femininity can be whatever you want it to be!

Christie Sutherland has quickly become renowned as one of Queensland’s fashion authorities. Hailing from South Africa, Christie started her career at Bauer Magazines and her eye for detail and hard work quickly saw her ascend to becoming the youngest ever Editor of Style Magazines. Presiding over innumerable photo shoots with international brands, photographers and models has lead Christie into an exciting new phase of her career a freelance professional, becoming fashion ambassador for Treasury Brisbane through to styling Ralph Lauren’s national season launches to name a few. Always the consummate professional Christie is at home hosting events, styling shoots and producing cutting edge content.