Pump up the jam (and your muscles)

Working out the recommended three times a week isn’t as hard as it sounds, right?

Except, well, it can be. Especially when your couch has the perfect you-shaped dent in it and the extent of your fitness experience is scrolling through #fitspo pics on Instagram.

To kick-start the ‘new’ you and help you add a little wellness to your life, here are six ways to shake things up (sometimes literally) and make fitness fun again:

Pump up the jam (and your muscles)

The most popular class at Goodlife Wintergarden, BodyPump will sculpt and tone your entire body thanks to its recipe of using low weights for high reps across standing, floor and step exercises. The low impact movements burn fat and promote lean muscle mass for anyone who has aspirations of getting into shape fast.

BodyPump is available at Goodlife Wintergarden

No lights, no lycra

To steal some words from Eminem, it’s time to “lose yourself in the music, the moment”. No Lights No Lycra is a casual freestyle dance class, in the dark, for the pure joy of dancing. That means there’s no need to book a place in advance, instead just wear something comfy, take a water bottle and show up when you’re in the mood for a dance! Sessions are open to all ages, genders, backgrounds and demographics.

Cool down with aqua aerobics

If sweating it out at the gym or outdoors doesn’t seem so appealing, cool off when you workout with aqua aerobics.

Not just for the oldies, or those recovering from injury, aqua aerobics is a mix of strength and cardio workouts, using the water for resistance.

Pulse, plank and plié your way to a leaner body

With a name like ‘Bootybarre’ you should already this is class is going to be a serious workout for the backside. One of the newest classes available at Goodlife Wintergarden, this fun and energetic workout utilises the barre and incorporates Pilates, yoga and dance to improve strength and flexibility.

Bootybarre is available at Goodlife Wintergarden

 Let it all hang out at aerial yoga 

Don’t be put off by the silks suspended from the ceiling, it’s time to loosen up, and relax and realign your body with aerial yoga. Aerial yoga blends traditional yoga poses with movements from dance, gymnastics, and pilates, in a playful and challenging workout – and from your first class you’ll find yourself swinging upside down, legs intertwined with the silk and arms by your side. Talk about feeling free as a bird!

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