As the season begins to turn a cold shoulder in Brisbane, outerwear takes on an essential role in your wardrobe. There’s no other garment that does quite as much to transform a look as a coat or a jacket does – it is the part of a man’s wardrobe that insists on offering up the best versatility. Remember, a jacket makes up most of your first outfit impression, which means; the potential to either make or break an outfit.

In a male’s wardrobe, the term “jacket” can encompass a wide variety of different styles: this trend guide will help make sure your outerwear is on point every time you walk out the door this winter.


If you want to look good while staying warm in winter, you can’t go past a shearling jacket. This jacket style features cosy sheep’s wool, which can be natural or synthetic, this is personal preference and can dictate your budget. While a traditional shearling jacket has a woolly inner and a suede outer, many other options are available today to suit a mildly chilly climate such as our subtropical one.

The look: Micro Fleece Jogger Easy Pants $29.90, Supima Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt $14.90, Corduroy Long Sleeve Shirt $49.90, Windproof Pile Lined Fleece Jacket $59.90; UNIQLO


If you don’t already own at least one denim jacket, it’s time to invest in the shirt jacket and be that little bit different this season. This versatile outerwear option looks excellent with countless casual and smart casual outfits. It’s also perfect for any time of the year; this year, we’ve gone with the white trend. Wear one on a winter evening with a polo and heritage printed pant for a casual look most men can pull off.

The look: Skinny Fit Suit Pants $29.99, Muscle Fit Polo Shirt $19.99, Regular Fit Shirt Jacket $39.99; H&M


When you think of a corduroy blazer, your mind probably travels back to the 70s and envisions a man with prominent sideburns. However, this classic menswear piece doesn’t have to look dated, and a modern take on the men’s corduroy blazer is definitely in style, especially when it’s part of a suit set. When you need to look smart but not overly dressed up, try a corduroy blazer.

The look: Corduroy Jacket $79.90, Smart Ankle Pants Corduroy $49.90, Extra Fine Merino Wool Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater $49.90, Round Mini Shoulder Bag $14.90; UNIQLO

A jacket’s purpose may be to keep you warm in cold weather, but that’s not all they do, and hopefully, this quick read has you outerwear on point.

Christie Serhan (Née Sutherland), has quickly become renowned as one of Queensland’s fashion authorities.  Hailing from South Africa, Christie started her career at Bauer Magazines and her eye for detail and hard work quickly saw her ascend to becoming the youngest ever Editor of Style Magazines.  Presiding over innumerable photo shoots with international brands, photographers and models has lead Christie into an exciting new phase of her career a freelance professional, becoming fashion ambassador for The Star Entertainment Group through to styling Ralph Lauren’s national season launches to name a few.  Always the consummate professional Christie is at home hosting events, styling shoots and producing cutting edge content.