MOTHER’S DAY: Krystiana Conias

Meet ex-PR guru, gym junkie and mama to three beautiful boys, Spero, Jordan and Elijah Conias.

Talk about boy-mum!

Being a Mum is….   Challenging, fun, going-with-the-flow, supporting their dreams + loving them unconditionally.

My favourite memory of being a Mum is… the first moments my babies enter the world and are placed on my chest.  Then it’s their first smile, their first roll, their first steps.  Every moment is unique and brings me so much joy.

Most important lesson I will teach my kids is… to be kind to others.

My biggest meltdown moment while shopping with my kids…  We have a meltdown every time we’re paying for something because everybody wants a turn at swiping mummy’s credit card.

Story I will embarrass my kids at their 21st birthdays with…  Spero (my eldest) once grabbed a tampon and applied it to his lips (like a lipstick) and then asked me why the colour was “clear” and didn’t come out pink like the ones i usually wear.

My Mum fail… There’s two that stand out. Every morning i wake up at 5am to go to the gym (before anyone wakes up – it’s the only time i can fit it in).  My alarms are automatically set for every weekday morning.  Last week, my husband went camping with my two older boys so it was only Elijah and I at home.  I woke up at 5, made my coffee, got dressed in my activewear and went to leave the house before realising (when i was in the car and halfway up the driveway) that no one was left at home.  Can you imagine if i had left my youngest sleeping at home with no one there?  Also, a few months ago, i accidentally grabbed some frozen prawn dumplings (instead of frozen banana pieces) to put in my son’s smoothie.  Luckily i had the first sip and realised what I’d done!

Being a Mum has made me grateful of my Mum because…  I truly get it now – mothers can do everything: there’s fights you have to break up, 345 snacks to make, breakfast, lunches, getting dinner sorted, school and kindy pick ups + drop offs, extra-curricular activities, kissing and hugging them when they fall or hurt themselves, play dates, washing, tidying, cleaning, worrying if they’re warm enough when they go to bed etc. We wear so many hats and never stop!

All I want for Mother’s DayIs a sleep-in! And someone else to make the 345 snacks that day.

Krysti, Jordy and Elijah all wear H&M.  Krysti’s bag is SEED.