How To Make A Statement With Accessories

If accessories were a cake, they would be the icing! There’s nothing better than completing an outfit with the perfect accessories to take your look to the next level and there are specific ways you can make the most of it. Want to know how to mix it up on the daily? Here’s how you can make a statement with your accessories:

Spice up an old outfit

We all have pieces in our wardrobes that are timeless. How many times have you been guilty of wearing that t-shirt you bought 5 years ago? Or the same pair of jeans because “they just fit so well!”. You’d be surprised what a simple addition of jewellery can do to spice up an old outfit. Whether that’s layering a new pendant or going bold with a large hoop earring, it can do wonders!

Mix your metals

You’d be used to people leaning more towards gold or silver, but what if you could have both? Mixing your metals adds an element of cool without really doing a thing! Whoever said you couldn’t wear different metals together didn’t try it for themselves!

Brighten up your neutrals

Take a neutral outfit to the next level by brightening it up with a bold accessory. This could be adding a bright yellow bag to an all-white outfit or wearing those hot pink earrings you love with your favourite black blazer! Never underestimate the life colour injects into a neutral outfit.

Stack pieces for extra dimension

When accessories lack, we stack. Have you ever looked at a necklace and thought it would look way better if it had an extra piece to it? This is where you can layer and stack your accessories to add more character to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to make it your own!

Accessorise your accessories

You read that right, accessorise your accessories! Add that fun keychain to your handbag, clip on that extra pendant to your chain, wrap that scarf around your favourite bracelet. Accessorising your accessories gives you a reason to custom create your look and it takes little-to-no time to do!

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Laura wears (white outfit), jacket, shirt and trousers Sheike, Bag Seed, Shoes Sheike, Ring and Earrings Dinosaur Designs.
Laura wears (red outfit), shirt, skirt, bag and shoes Seed, Earrings Dinosaur Designs.