While nothing is quite as effortless as throwing on a sundress, this summer the matching two-piece trend comes in a close second for ease. The matchy-matchy style has my attention, it does add that touch of polish to your wardrobe- looking put together in the sunshine couldn’t be easier.

The jacket has not only cemented itself as a must-have wardrobe hero that works from boardroom to bar but also as an anchor of confidence, an everyday armour if you will. A bold and bright blazer will add a kick to your workwear, precision tailoring will take your evening look to the next level by adding a cool twist to your entrance and a combo set is the easiest way to take an outfit from ordinary to outstanding.

Head-to-toe colour might sound like an intimidating choice, but thanks to block colours and strong prints, they are easier to wear than you think. If you don’t have to worry about your outfit matching you can spend all that extra time enjoying your morning.

The right short suit will make you feel like a better version of you, instantly taking effect the second you put it on. It can be a disguise for disorganisation or a signal for fun. The best thing about co-ords is that they are designed to work equally well apart as they do together. They are more versatile than a tailored office or cocktail dress, more functional than a jumpsuit and less corporate than a trouser suit.

Pairing a blazer with a matching pair of shorts provides a canvas for you to colour pop with your accessories. To keep it from skewing to the overtly formal, pair a matching blazer with a relaxed fitting short and a simple white tee with a pair of sneakers. Tailored shorts will add an up-market appeal to a look. Don’t be afraid to go bare under the blazer because everyone is looking to push the limits and this is a cool sophisticated way to flaunt some skin.

Keep these four styling rules in your head when shopping for the perfect short suit;

  1. Choose colours and textures carefully, if they only work separately, you’re not getting the full benefit.
  2. Experiment with sizes, you can usually choose a smaller top or bottom to ensure that the fit is perfect overall.
  3. Buy the matching short it is a clever way to maximise the dressed up feeling without feeling prissy or too androgynous.
  4. A mid-weight belt adds polish and definition as well as accentuating a waist.

If you thought suits were done for, think again. It’s time to get down to business but first, the pleasure.

Feature Image: Tropicana Jacket, Tropicana Short; Sheike. Sienna DB Jacket, Olivia shorts; Oxford.

Christie Sutherland has quickly become renowned as one of Queensland’s fashion authorities. Hailing from South Africa, Christie started her career at Bauer Magazines and her eye for detail and hard work quickly saw her ascend to becoming the youngest ever Editor of Style Magazines. Presiding over innumerable photo shoots with international brands, photographers and models has lead Christie into an exciting new phase of her career a freelance professional, becoming fashion ambassador for Treasury Brisbane through to styling Ralph Lauren’s national season launches to name a few. Always the consummate professional Christie is at home hosting events, styling shoots and producing cutting edge content.