Double denim: the new rules

Someone call the 2000’s, denim on denim is BACK! – this time, everyone is embracing it in one way or another.

After a year-long streak of pj’s to loungewear to tracksuits and repeat, this year’s new go-to easy throw on trend of denim is giving the 2020’s concept of comfort chic a run for its money.

But why the comeback?  Denim on denim has been regularly questioned for being an acceptable combination – alongside socks and sandals, joggers and jeans, and well, the list goes on.  But like these other once frowned upon trends, the take on controversial combinations (like denim on denim) have stepped into this year with a streetwear and high-end luxury twist that everyone can take a little bit away from.

This winter and beyond, denim is the new focus for textile experimentation and aesthetics. Everywhere we look, denim combinations, staples, and layering is there, and I, for one, am here for it!

Now, like everything in 2021, the wearing of denim comes with styling restrictions and purchasing of ‘essential items’ so we all can stay safe from questionable looks on the street (if you know what I mean).

First things first, the statement piece.  Investing in a good denim show-stopper is a MUST.  This can be anything from a denim bag with textures, a denim jacket that plays with detailing or a denim dress that pushes the feminine qualities of denim itself.

This statement item in your wardrobe will straight away elevate your look this season with a luxurious softness that screams fun.

Next, play with layers and hues of traditional blue denim. Unlike previously, wearing the same toned blue would be HIGHLY unrecommended, throwing that concept out the door this season.

Experiment with a tonal look of blue jeans and denim shirts! Get that comfortable casual style down pat and pair it with your fav white sneaker for that ultimate relaxed girl streetwear vibe.

And last but not least… don’t be afraid to just keep it simple.

No matter the occasion, the weather or the decade, a go-to white shirt and pair of jeans never lets a girl down. So this season, go search for that one pair of jeans that makes all other jeans scared and wear them to death. A good pair of jeans can give you a whole new outlook on your wardrobe and winter style.

Tencel Denim Shirt $129.95, Denim Jean $99.95, Liberty Chain Belt, $39.95, Denim Bag $69.95: SHEIKE

 Tencel Denim Dress $189.95, Venice Bag $69.95: SHEIKE

Christie Serhan (Née Sutherland), has quickly become renowned as one of Queensland’s fashion authorities.  Hailing from South Africa, Christie started her career at Bauer Magazines and her eye for detail and hard work quickly saw her ascend to becoming the youngest ever Editor of Style Magazines.  Presiding over innumerable photo shoots with international brands, photographers and models has lead Christie into an exciting new phase of her career a freelance professional, becoming fashion ambassador for The Star Entertainment Group through to styling Ralph Lauren’s national season launches to name a few.  Always the consummate professional Christie is at home hosting events, styling shoots and producing cutting edge content.