Decoding Suits

When it comes to slick suits and timeless tailoring, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve rounded up our top tips for perfecting your suit this season, and decoded everything you need to know when it comes to dress shirts, tones, and accessories.

The first element of a suit is a good quality shirt. Checked shirts have dominated corporate outfits for the past few years, and for good reason. They offer texture, colour and a slightly more relaxed look, while still looking put-together. We are now also embracing striped shirts and their elegant, clean and defined look. This season we’ll see plenty of fine Bengal and candy stripes. Whether they’re in blues, deep reds or greens, they must always have a white base to keep the look fresh. Once again, versatility is on our side as the striped shirt is fresh enough to be trans-seasonal and worn through all the hottest months. Find all the colours you’ll need at shirt specialists, Peter Jackson. However, be wary of chasing too much colour or too dark a base as they can be visually too much to handle, especially when under a suit.

A trip to M.J. Bale or Oxford this season will present a collection of striped suits, too. Dark navies, charcoals, and even forest green dominate the selection here. This season, as long as its deep and dark, its boardroom appropriate. The stripes here are subtler than in the shirt department and act more to add visual texture and lengthen the outfit rather than to draw the eye’s direct attention. The timeless chalk stripe that appears like it’s fading in and out of the fabric is making a strong comeback. It can be worn as a slick corporate suit, or even trackside or for a cocktail event.

Whilst the suits are more conservative than recent seasons, there’s still plenty of opportunities to add flair thanks to the bolder-than-ever ties and pocket squares. A splash of colour and pattern spouting from your breast pocket is not to be shied away from, particularly when wearing a darker suit. If you’ve skipped the tie then be sure to break up the suit with a rich silk pocket square. Peter Jackson is never one to avoid a bold print, making it the perfect hunting ground to scout out a stellar printed square.