There’s no denying clothes can give us a confidence boost—if we are comfortable and feel good in what we wear, our attitude and mood reflects this outwards.

But did you know that the colours we wear can also enhance or dampen our moods, sending out subliminal messages that can be used to interpret not just our mood, but our personality?

Research suggests that you can ‘dress yourself happy’—also known as dopamine dressing—a trend with seems to have emerged as a reaction to Emma Stone’s gorgeous canary yellow dress in the hit flick, La La Land.

And, if that wasn’t reason enough to take a walk on the bright side of life, anecdotal evidence suggests that people who wear brighter colours often appear more cheerful and extroverted, prompting others will react to them this way.

As the seasons change, we’ll often see a change in the colours of what’s available in store—from lighter brighter shades in the summer to warmer, deeper tones in autumn and winter—but that doesn’t mean we can’t go for brighter and bold shades even when the weather is cool.

Statement coats and jackets are all the rage this winter and while a neutral coat can be timeless and classic, this show-stopping Red Brushed Wool Coat now from Cue can transform any outfit whether it be something as simple as a pair of skinny jeans and stripe tee, or a sleek and stylish corporate dress (I’ve paired it with the eye-catching Cobalt Panelled Pencil Dress, also from Cue in the Wintergarden).

If you’re brave enough to go bold, and don’t mind the occasional double take, try pair two bright colours together like blue and red, red and pink, pink and green, green and yellow (it seems very patriotic but trust me, it works), yellow and navy, navy and orange or even red and purple.

But being bright and bold doesn’t come naturally to everyone and I am frequently asked about how women can incorporate colour into their wardrobe—particularly if they generally lean towards more neutral tones.

This probably isn’t the time to throw yourself straight into the deep end because you’ll most likely spend the day/event feeling uncomfortable, so instead I recommend starting with soft, subtle tones – blush pink, light blue, lavender etc (and lots of these colours are popping up in store at Seed Heritage right now). These pastel ice-cream tones will also continue through Spring/Summer. These soft colours work well with grey and navy.

You could also embrace the jewel tones that are still floating around—ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue—as these work well when paired back with black or navy.

If your day-to-day look involved a lot of black or has a more corporate-focus, try adding some bright accessories—a pop of colour in your shoes (Nine West’s red Tatiana heels are my pick), handbag or even a colourful scarf or earrings is a good start.

Brooke wears: Cue Red Brushed Wool Coat and Cobalt Panelled Pencil Dress.  Look two: Seed Mid Rise Skinny Jean, Blouson Sleeve Sweater and Bobble Knit Beanie.

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