Autumn’s Key Fashion Trends

Autumn is always that awkward season in our lives where we’re kinda busy but kinda not, it’s kinda hot but kinda cold, and you’re kind of holding onto the summer florals but also layering with the winter blacks. It’s so confusing how to function, and more importantly, how to dress!!

Does autumn deserve it’s own wardrobe or do you somehow combine your summer with your winter wardrobe? Is there a way to meet in the middle?

Here are a few styling tips and autumn trends to remember when shuffling things around in your wardrobe.

How I like to look in autumn is you need to divide colour and print from silhouette and style. I either choose darker tones but a summer silhouette, or lighter tones with a more winter style. With the right shoe or bag, you are able to juxtapose these together to offer a chic transeasonal look.

At the moment there are some fantastic textiles and prints that also offer a great option when dressing for autumn’s in-between climate. With the likes of jacquards, boucles and brocades, a sense of winter depth is hinted at, yet that soft summery floral and silhouette is still very present. Being heavier fabrics, it also gives you warmth when wearing to cooler night events.

Lace is also a very current trend for the season and a perfect investment piece that you can layer up or down throughout the year as you move through the different seasons. A nice large lace design is the perfect statement and is such a soft textural piece that you honestly can do no wrong with.

You will also see a lot of lace prints on your more draping fabrics this season, which are a great alternative if you’re not a huge fan of the delicacy in lace weaves. Lace-style prints offer a super luxe effect that can be styled up or down depending on you occasion.

For autumn accessories I think it is really important to make a statement with strong pieces that offer interest, yet subtle in their colourway. You want them to be loud but inclusive by blending softly in with your outfit. Whether it’s a beaded bag, a chunky sandal or a funky heel, my advice is stick to bold silhouettes, textural features and neutral palettes.