Autumn/Winter Essentials

As the cooler months roll in, we’re looking to our northern hemisphere counterparts to see what trends will be making their way into our autumn and winter ensembles. And honestly, it’s all looking good!

The early 2010s have drawn inspiration from the Mad Men era of the ’60s, and now we are seeing influences and elements from the ’40s making their way into the zeitgeist. Think tapered, flannel trousers with pleats, playful socks paired with penny loafers, and an emphasis on textured neckties and bow ties.

But before all the accessories, you have to start with a solid foundation. This season we’re swapping the electric blue linen sports coats of summer for flannel wool jackets in a fine check. Opt for warmer colours, such as a multicoloured check from Rodd & Gunn or Peter Jackson that features tones of burnt orange or deep greens. The navy base will ensure your garment fits seamlessly into any wardrobe combo.

Under the coat lies a tailored pair of trousers that fit so well, they could be a focal point on their own. M.J. Bale’s range features an awesome selection of tapered trousers, or you can start from scratch with their Custom Programme and construct a purpose-built pair of slacks. Opting for a nice tapered fit lengthens the look, and a single pleat adds extra detail to set you apart from the crowd. Not only do they somehow look timeless and fashion-forward at the same time, they’re also functional! When you sit down, the pleat expands and gives you a little extra room in the front. Think of it as a pocket for your bod. A rich brown, or deep navy, in a warm-looking wool or corduroy will help keep your wardrobe consistent.

No matter how refined and well fitted your outfit is, nothing above your ankle matters if what sits below isn’t up to scratch. The shoes have to fit! This season, we’re seeing a strong showing of classic Oxford brogues and loafers in rich oxblood. It’s the perfect shade that sits nicely between the daytime brown and the evening black. A seasonal look that is trendy but also versatile? This one is a no-brainer. Aquila’s blake-stitched range and R.M. Williams’ welted shoe offer quality, longevity, and the ability to resole, so your shoes can keep on keeping on.