Achieve Flawless Nails With Daiso

If you’re used to spending upwards of $40 to get your nails done, you have to visit Daiso! Their nail products make everything easy for you and can all be found in the one place. Whether you want to groom your nails, shape them or apply acrylics, you can do all of that with these products from Daiso:

Nail Clipper  

Nail clippers are the one thing every household needs when it comes to grooming your nails. They are super handy and are an essential. Finding one is a massive relief if you’re turning your house upside-down searching for one! Daiso has some super cute ones too – did we hear pink & floral? They’d look gorgeous in an empty candle jar on your vanity! 

Nail File

If you find you’re constantly doing household chores, getting creative and making things or simply running around after the kids all the time, a nail file will bring shape back to your nails and is a fabulous handbag must-have! Giving your nails a quick file will mean you’ll spend less time doing them next time you go to polish them! Plus, there’s something about filing your nails which is oddly therapeutic. 

Nail Remover Wipes

It feels like it’s the end of the world when you can’t find nail polish remover in your bathroom cabinet, especially if your nails are looking like a chipped disaster and are in need of a fresh coat of polish! These affordable nail polish remover wipes from Daiso are the best to keep on-hand if you need to remove your nail polish! You’ll thank yourself for purchasing these!

Pedicure Pad

Having a pedicure pad (toe separator) makes painting your toe nails incredibly easy! Forget cleaning up the mess of polish going all over your feet when you have one of these ready to go! Available in fun colours at two to a packet, these definitely need to go in your basket next time you visit Daiso!

Artificial Nails

Getting acrylic nails costs an arm and a leg, but sometimes, you can just do it yourself. Daiso have clear and white nails to choose from – all you have to do is make sure they fit your nail, glue them on and clip them to the size you desire. Then, just grab your favourite nail polish and coat them! This nail DIY from Daiso is so easy and saves you some much-needed moolah! No one will even notice you’ve done them yourself!

Nail Scissors

If you have a baby, these are great to have at the ready to clip their little nails! These nail scissors from Daiso are designed for safety by having a round curve at the point, which means they’re completely ok to have in the presence of your little one. They also come in a protector, so they’re not out in the open!

Find Daiso on Adelaide Street, behind H&M.

Amber is a fashion and beauty blogger for Fashion Avenue – a visual diary of her personal style and reviews of the best products to hit the shelves. She juggles a number of projects being a freelance journo, but loves nothing more than catching up with her friends, eating Italian food and dreaming of overseas adventures.