5 Ways To Colour Block The Right Way

‘Colour blocking’ is a term that can scare the average person away, which is understandable – it sounds scary. But it doesn’t have to be! Colour is fun, creative and exciting. If you’re new to colour blocking and need ways to ease into it without going too “out there” then let this be your guide:

Pare a bold outfit back with neutrals

Maybe you’re wearing a matching top & bottoms in a bright colour. First of all, good on you! Second of all, you can simplify this even more by adding a neutral-toned coat or jacket. It breaks up the colour without taking it away and, since winter is on its merry way, it keeps you even warmer!

Don’t be afraid to mix textures

A trend that’s making waves for this season is mixing textures. This means not being afraid to add snakeskin to crocodile and playing on those textures. Texture not only adds dimension to a look, but it can be a way to amplify a colour-heavy outfit.

Add metallic jewellery

Colour looks phenomenal with metallic jewellery! Maybe you’re going all out in that brand new red dress you’ve just bought and want to build on that. Adding a simple pair of metallic earrings, a bracelet or a necklace can add glamour and sophistication to any bold garment.

Take note of the colour wheel

Ah, the colour wheel. Where would we be without it? If you’re not familiar with this, it’s time to start doing your research because it will make your life THAT much easier when it comes to wearing colour. Opposite colours on the colour wheel make great pairings. Take blue and orange for example, they just WORK! You’ll be surprised what playing around with colours and your knowledge of the colour wheel can do to your fashion game!

Ground it with your shoe choice

Have a lot going on upstairs but don’t necessarily want to colour block all the way to your shoes? That’s totally fine! Pare your block colours back with whites, neutrals and metallic shoes. Just because you have a party going on top, doesn’t mean you have to continue it on the bottom. It’s ok to break it up and wear what’s comfortable for you. Plus, it looks effortless that way!

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Laura wears (blue outfit), shirt, skirt and coat COS, Sunglasses Seed, Bag Sheike and Shoes Nine West.

Laura wears (red outfit), shirt, skirt, bag and shoes Seed, Earrings Dinosaur Designs.