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Get The Look: Shop the Australian Brands of Brisbane Fashion Festival 2023

If you missed the live show or are just dying to rock the latest looks, get ready to dive into a style feast!

This year’s Brisbane Fashion Festival saw Wintergarden steal the show at the premier event on Queensland’s fashion calendar. The runway shone with an array of Australia’s most coveted fashion designers, proudly calling Wintergarden home. Amidst the elegant strides of models, household names like Cue, Veronika Maine, COS, Peter Jackson, and M.J. Bale unveiled their Spring/Summer collections. These collections are poised to become the “it” items every wardrobe craves

Kimberly Gardner, the Festival Fashion Director, highlights the eager anticipation for insights into the upcoming season in Queensland. Embracing the concept of everyday luxury, she suggests adorning gold accents even during daylight hours. To manifest this, the fusion of gold with denim emerges as a stylish choice. She further encourages pushing limits by embracing floor-length goddess dresses partnered with sandals while emphasising the charm of off-the-shoulder elegance as a wardrobe essential.

If you missed the live show or are just dying to rock the latest looks, get ready to dive into a style feast – everything’s in-store (or coming soon), waiting to be your new go-to ‘fit.


Cue absolutely owned the runway with looks that blend chic vibes and real-world practicality for those upcoming sunny seasons. We’re talking about tailored dresses, flowy wide-leg pants, and curve-hugging floral dresses in this year’s freshest spring colours. These pieces are basically timeless treasures for your wardrobe, ready for any vibe. No matter if you’re dressing up or keeping it chill, you won’t be able to resist Cue’s creations. But that’s not all – let’s talk footwear. Complete these stunning ensembles with metallic boots, chunky patent footwear, and captivating black chain metal heels. Check out these killer looks:


Veronika Maine

Veronika Maine hit the scene with a collection that’s all about that moody yet stylish transition between seasons. They’ve got that magical ‘in-between’ moment nailed, helping you glide effortlessly from chilly evenings to those warmer days. And let’s talk about those fabrics – as light as a whisper, making it the ultimate choice for going from desk to dinner without missing a beat. Ready to rock these looks? Shop them here:

Peter Jackson

Turning our attention to the trendsetting gentlemen, enter Peter Jackson – a name that dominates the Spring fashion landscape with bold colourways and luxurious linen fabrics. The newest collection gives a new definition to classy looks while making confidence and charm seem effortless. Picture slick maroon and mustard jacket options and those cream blazers in a seriously elegant cut. They’re the kind that’ll grab your attention and not let go. This is your chance to take that runway energy and tailor it your way, and guess what? You can get in on the action right here:


COS, celebrated for its sleek minimalism and forward-thinking approach to minimalist dressing, set the Brisbane Fashion Festival on fire by elevating the suiting trend to new heights for men and women. The spotlight shone on a magnificent 3-piece grey suit for men and a stunning 2-piece blue cord women’s suit, embodying the essence of contemporary sophistication. These looks, to name a few, seamlessly fused clean lines and bold silhouettes into veritable works of art. Rest assured, the power of suiting remains an enduring force for the Spring/Summer season and beyond. Each on-trend  piece awaits the embrace of your fashion circle, capturing the essence of modern trendsetting: 

M.J. Bale

As the curtain lifted on a runway blending modern elegance with timeless craft, M.J. Bale brought their signature essence to life this season. Get ready for a masterclass in tailoring – their collection flaunted perfectly designed suits that scream quality and meticulous attention to detail. And wait for it… they even threw in more laid-back spring options for the guys, showing off the versatile allure of linen and knits. And guess what? You can own these looks now:

The star-studded lineup from Wintergarden at Brisbane Fashion Festival 2023 isn’t just a show – it’s like stepping into a new level of trendsetting. It’s where every piece has a story to tell, and every outfit becomes a statement. 

Don’t keep us in suspense – which look has stolen your heart?

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