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Coco Bliss

Founded in 2013 by two young mothers and best friends, the idea behind Coco Bliss was that they simply created what they wished existed.  Having somewhere to conveniently get healthy, refined sugar free, superfood boosted eats and drinks when on the run and of course nailing that perfect acai bowl.  Somewhere to get a juice or smoothie that is different to the average and not just fruit filled. Somewhere that you can get your chocolate fix with treats that are actually full of raw rich minerals & vitamins and GOOD for you.  Coco Bliss isn’t about low calorie, low fat or dieting and we aren’t pigeonholed with a diet label. We are quite simply pure, nutritious, raw, real, wholefood.

Everything you put in your body from Coco Bliss is nutrient rich and good for you, without compromising on flavour.  We believe in adding good things into your diet, rather than taking away from it.  Our menu is predominately raw, vegan, gluten free and completely refined sugar free but so tasty you wouldn’t even know it.  We’re happy to be able to share with you the inner-health benefits provided by eating and drinking our delicious Coco Bliss offerings, and look forward to you paying us a visit!

M-T  7AM – 5.30PM

F        7AM –9PM

S        7AM – 5PM

S        7AM – 4PM

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