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3D Print Studio

Available in centre now, Wintergarden offers shoppers the ultimate experience in personalisation through 3D printing technology, allowing shoppers the opportunity to create their own personalised jewellery onsite.

The free activation allows customers to choose between a ring, signet ring and bracelet, modify the design to suit including colour choice, add initials, print and wear – all within minutes.

The 3D printers can create a number of jewellery pieces, from rings to bracelets, each customised by colour, design, thickness and size. Depending on the style chosen, the pieces can take from 15 minutes through to 1 hour to print, with the printers reaching temperatures of more than 200C during the process.

Each of the four 3D printers owned by the centre have a microscopic camera installed so that the printing process can be viewed either on the central monitor within the studio or by passers-by via the television screen in the window.

Wintergarden’s 3D Print Studio will run until October this year, open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday from 11am until 2pm.

M-T 11AM – 2PM

F        11AM –2PM

S        11AM – 2PM

S        CLOSED

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