The Lip Lab Inside Scoop

Amber Lowther caught up with The Lip Lab founders Courtney and Kimberly Treacy

Courtney & Kimberley Treacy are the founders of the already hugely successful brand, The Lip Lab. The Lip Lab allows you to create your own custom lipstick where you choose, mix and apply colours and flavours to create a unique lip product catered to your needs. I sat down with Courtney & Kimberley to find out more about The Lip Lab, the process and what’s next for the girls.

How did The Lip Lab come about?

The Lip Lab came about when we were on a stopover trip to the USA and we saw something similar that was more foundation-based. They also did a small selection of lipsticks and we liked the idea of being able to personalise them. So we were lucky enough to get put on to a cosmetic compounder. They’ve been amazing since day one and we’ve been with them for two and a half years.

What’s the response been like since you launched?

It’s been overwhelming, it’s been absolutely amazing. It’s crazy – we have been inundated with people wanting to give it a go and our stores have just been bombarded.

What’s the process of making a lipstick?

You choose your base, then you choose your colour and include any additives- we’ve got SPF, lip plumper, moisture and more. We have a wide range of fragrances you can put in and then you can watch your lipstick being mixed up right in front of you! Once you choose your colour, it takes 5 minutes. We tell clients to allow 30 minutes for a consultation.

What base options do you have?

We have matte – which is actually quite moisturising. We also have creme, butter and a vegan option.

If I’ve made a lipstick and want to reorder it in the future, how can I do that?

It will be on our database. We write the formula down so you can reorder it in the future. We get you to name it so we can identify which lipstick you’d like to recreate.

What’s your go-to lipstick colour?

Kimberley: Mine is a light nude.
Courtney: I like a bright red.

What’s your favourite fragrance at The Lip Lab?

Courtney & Kimberley: Pink Champagne.
Courtney: Mint in a nude is really refreshing too.
Can we expect to see a permanent store in Brissy anytime soon?
Yes. In September-October we’ll have a stand-alone store in Brisbane CBD.

Where do you see The Lip Lab in 5 years? What’s next?

We definitely see The Lip Lab going international and we will be bringing out foundations in the next couple of months!

You can create your own signature The Lip Lab lipstick with the lip colour consultants in Wintergarden when you spend $200 in centre, or simply create your own lipstick from $55!

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