Moss Collection

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy launch their newest collection, Moss, just in time for winter. 

Moss is inspired by the dewy undergrowth of an autumn morning, with a wonderful palette of lush greens reminiscent of ancient mosses that carpet forest floors and thrive on the rich soils that lie underfoot. Hues are balanced, restful and soothing, combined with jewellery and homewares forms inspired by earth, rocks and flowers.

Moss introduces new classic brass jewellery and homewares, rendered in shapes that connect directly with nature. New Organic Ball earrings and necklaces, for example, draw on dewdrops for inspiration and paperweights evoke the smooth contours of stones.

Says Creative Director Louise Olsen of the collection, “We are constantly inspired by nature and the time it takes her to grow and change and perfect. We’re immensely proud of some of the new castings that are coming through in shades of green and dark horn swirl, to which we’ve added accents of gold and brass in this new collection of classic pieces.”

Moss is available in store at Dinosaur Designs now.