Meet Amber Lowther

Amber Lowther is a journalist and content creator, joining Wintergarden as a fashion and beauty contributor.  Amber has a love for Australian designers and is often seen flicking through magazines to find inspiration for her wardrobe.  Amber has been running her blog, Fashion Avenue successfully for 5 years, collaborating with some of Australia’s best brands on the fashion, beauty and lifestyle scene.  Her love for writing and passion for content is what drives her everyday.  When she’s not writing, she’s dabbling in radio and buying way too many pairs of shoes!

How did you start your blog/get started in the industry?

Fashion Avenue started when I was in my final year of high school. I knew I wanted to write about fashion but didn’t want to have to wait until I got a degree. From there, I started my blog as a way to express my sense of style and help friends along the way.

What is your ultimate fashion must have, the piece you would save from a fire?

As many of my heels as I could grab! I’m a sucker for shoes – my ultimate weakness.

What was your best fashion bargain?

I recently bought three pairs of $200 shoes for $75! I almost fainted when I saw they were $25 each. Such a great buy!

Your most outlandish purchase

Fluro heels.

Your go to outfit:

Casual weekend: A plain white t-shirt, denim cut-offs and sandals.
Night out: A mini dress with sky-high heels.
Power outfit: Anything really striking – like a fitted or full-length dress.

Something about yourself that we might be surprised to find out?

I am obsessed with Batman! I have so much Batman-themed stuff, I just can’t get enough! Haha. They are the best movies!

What do you love most about being a fashion blogger?

Connecting with great people, amazing brands and being able to create all the time. My favourite thing in the world is to evolve ideas into the end product – whether that’s writing, photography, styling or making things look pretty. I’m grateful that I can do that.

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?

Dave Franco (I have a massive crush on him), Blake Lively, Michael Jackson, Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld.

What’s the best/worst gift you have ever received?

Best gift – I remember a few years ago I really wanted the perfume Chance by Chanel. I was over the moon when I got it! I only wear it on really special occasions. I also got a Michael Kors watch for graduating uni, so that was amazing too!
Worst gift – kids plastic makeup brushes and I once got an onion as a joke from a friend. It wasn’t the best gift!

What should you do less of?

Watching Netflix.

What should you do more of?

Stop eating out and exercise more.

Biggest challenge you have ever faced

There are a lot of personal challenges I’ve faced. I guess the most recent would be choosing a definite career path and realising how much I would have to sacrifice to do that.

Favourite Wintergarden retailer

I can’t decide between Mecca Maxima & Seed! Seed has amazing basics and they continue to amaze me every season. I always stop by Seed at Wintergarden and swoon over everything! There’s always stand-out pieces for me there.
Mecca Maxima is a weakness of mine. I LOVE makeup, they have so many beautiful brands to choose from and the staff are always really helpful. The whole experience at Mecca Maxima is why I continue to come back!

Fast Five Favourites

Favourite guilty pleasure: Shoes, makeup and chocolate
Favourite holiday destination: Greek Islands & Paris
Favourite way to pamper yourself: Running a bath with a deliciously scented bath bomb, face mask on while catching up on my favourite magazine.
Favourite drink: Any fruity cocktail!
Favourite brand: Anything luxury, Seed, Coach & Sheike.

Amber is a fashion and beauty blogger for Fashion Avenue – a visual diary of her personal style and reviews of the best products to hit the shelves. She juggles a number of projects being a freelance journo, but loves nothing more than catching up with her friends, eating Italian food and dreaming of overseas adventures.

Amber wears shirt from Seed.