Amber’s experience at Nature Spa by Jurlique

In the past couple of years, I’ve really started to understand the importance of looking after your skin and maintaining a thorough and effective routine. Facials are now a part of my skin regime – I make sure I get them at least once every few months. Since I started getting regular facials, I don’t see myself stopping! They not only improve your skin, but they are ultimately relaxing and are a wonderful escape from your normal day-to-day routine. I visited Nature Spa by Jurlique at Wintergarden to receive their Classic Signature Hydration Facial for 60 minutes.

My experience was phenomenal. I was cared for as soon as I stepped foot in the store. I was asked to fill out a form to highlight any skin concerns and from there, I was given a delicious cup of tea. When it became time for my facial, I was taken into a room where there was a beautifully heated bed to lay on. From there I experienced the following heavenly routine:

Jurlique’s Opening Ritual – Facial Mist and Head Massage
Let’s be real here – there’s nothing better than starting any sort of treatment than with a head massage and a facial mist to switch off and have you feeling relaxed. From there, we moved on to eye make-up removal and the first cleanse – since I had been in a photo shoot in the morning, my makeup was taken off so my skin was ready to receive the full treatment. I wish I could have my makeup taken off like this every day! I didn’t have to lift a finger.

Second cleanse performed with brush cleanser
This step deeply cleansed, smoothed and increased circulation in the skin. From there, my therapist did a Skin Analysis – where she diagnosed my skin to devise the most effective treatment plan so that I could walk out with the best results possible! We found the best way to get started was to focus on hydrating my skin, as it can get dehydrated and dry in some areas. The next part could’ve put me to sleep! I was then given Jurlique’s Signature Compressions on my face and décolletage. These are described as aromatic compressions to soften, hydrate, stimulate and prepare the skin for deeper exfoliation. This consisted of placing what felt like warm towels over the designated areas and pressing down to ensure I was prepped for what was to come: exfoliation. My skin was exfoliated to detoxify, smooth and refine, revealing healthy radiant skin! I’ve always made sure I have facial exfoliator on hand, especially if I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup or fake tan. This helps my skin feel revived and ready.

Following the exfoliation, I was treated to a facial massage with skin balancing facial oil. This is enriched with natural plant oils, potent herbs and flowers. It’s used to nourish the skin, ease stress and tension in the face, neck and décolletage. I love when massages are included in facials, it’s the perfect way to balance out each step and it helps you relax even more! From there, I underwent a treatment mask. This is an active botanical mask treatment. There’s something about masks that I just love! I think it’s knowing that it’s an instant repair for your skin and you can always find one that’s going to target any areas of concern. This one was fabulous!

While the mask was setting, I was given a hand and arm exfoliation and massage. Hand and arm massages are so relaxing. It wasn’t until I began getting facials that I experienced this hidden gem. This helps smooth and soften the skin on your hands and arms. The hand massage is super nourishing and does wonders for your skin and nails! To begin the conclusion of the facial, I had Jurlique’s Treatment Products put on my face. This is customised selection of a Toning Mist, Activating Water Essence, Eye Care, Serum and Moisturiser. This makes sure I leave with my skin feeling refreshed, radiant and protected. To complete the treatment, I was then given Jurlique’s Closing Ritual – a facial mist and head massage. To say I didn’t want to get back up and face the real world is an understatement!

I had the most beautiful experience at Nature Spa by Jurlique and would recommend visiting them in Wintergarden and booking in for your own customised treatment. I left with glowing skin and feeling completely rejuvenated.

Amber is a fashion and beauty blogger for Fashion Avenue – a visual diary of her personal style and reviews of the best products to hit the shelves. She juggles a number of projects being a freelance journo, but loves nothing more than catching up with her friends, eating Italian food and dreaming of overseas adventures.